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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a nice analog effect in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial uses Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements, but the methods are the same in all versions of the program. If you are looking for a tutorial using Adobe Photoshop CS6, click here.

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Step 1: Create New Document

Launch Photoshop. Create a new document by choosing File, then New. In the New Document dialog box, set the size to 8.4×11 in inches. Name the document “Analog Look.” Click OK.

Step 2: Image Control Panel

The Image Control Panel is where you’ll edit the new document.

Click on the top right of the new document window to open the Image Control Panel. Click the Image tab and then the Control panel. This opens a window with lots of options for controlling the image you’re working with.

If you’re new to Photoshop, I’d suggest you follow the recommendations here and just work with the default settings. There are a lot of awesome tutorial tips out there for some of the default settings, so you can just use those.

However, if you have some experience with Photoshop, you might want to work on the default settings for a while.

Step 3: Select the Clipping Mask Layer

In the Layers palette (located on the right side of the window) at the very top, create a new layer. You’ll use this new layer as a clipping mask for a specific area of the image later. Click the little icon in the lower right corner of the image to create the new layer, and give it the name “Layer 1.” This is a placeholder name, but you can change it later if you want.

If you’re using Photoshop Elements, you’ll use the steps below to create a new layer.

Click on the image in the left pane. Selecting an image opens the entire document. In the palette below the image, click on the white box to make a new layer.

After you create a new layer, your new layer will be locked so it cannot be moved or edited.

Step 4: Select the Brush Tool

The Brush Tool is your main tool for controlling the look of the image. Click and hold down on the tool in the Tools palette and a small brush icon should appear in the lower right-

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What you need to know before using Photoshop or Elements

The learning curve for Photoshop is steep, and it requires a solid understanding of image types and a good working knowledge of files before you start building images. If you’re an absolute beginner to the computer and Photoshop, you may be better off with Photoshop Elements.

If you’re already familiar with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements can still prove to be a helpful alternative. It shares most features, including the ability to edit images, rotate, crop, and doodle.

How much time should you invest into learning Photoshop? It’s up to you. If you’re an absolute beginner, it may be worth your time to learn Photoshop Elements first. Once you’re more familiar with Elements, you can then move on to the more advanced features in Photoshop.

First time using Photoshop?

If you’ve never used Photoshop before, take some time to familiarise yourself with the basic editing tools in Photoshop.

You can also download these guides:

What to learn first in Photoshop

A common misconception is that everyone should learn all features of Photoshop before editing images. Most people should learn basic image editing features first and allow themselves to edit images after a solid understanding of file types and file properties.

Adobe Photoshop

To become a master of Photoshop you need to understand the following:

Basic editing tools (such as healing, shadows, perspective etc.)

Colour modes


Adjusting layer styles

It’s also a good idea to get to know the various Photoshop brushes and how to use them.

Photoshop Elements

To become a master of Photoshop Elements you need to understand the following:

Basic editing tools (such as healing, shadows, perspective etc.)

Merge & Levels


Colour modes

Adjusting layer styles

Favourite brushes

Brush settings

It’s also a good idea to get to know the various Photoshop brushes and how to use them.

You can also download these guides:

Building images from scratch

Photoshop is the most popular image editing software in the world, and it’s the definitive tool for learning the basics of image editing. However, this comes at a steep learning curve.

You can work on a basic level and learn the basics through practical exercises. If you’re aiming to

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