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# Organizing Your Files

When you download Photoshop, Lightroom, or Elements, the program asks you to select a folder in which to save images (see Figure 4-6. It provides you with three dialog boxes—Location, Catalog, and Content—that allow you to select a folder and photos from your hard drive or online for inclusion in your upcoming projects. If you have an online account, this process is streamlined and automatic.”)). Whether you opt to save all of your images to one folder or keep them in separate

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10 Basic Tasks Anyone Can Master

It is easy to learn Photoshop, but mastering it will take some time and effort. Some of the most basic tasks are also the most common. Learning them will make your life easier and your work look better.

How to Edit Videos

This section explains how to change colors, adjust contrast, correct lighting, and add filters to your videos. You can use the software to edit images as well, but this article focuses on videos.

Work with the Video Sequencer

Create and customize a video clip of any length you like. The Video Sequencer makes it easy to easily change the frame rate, the image quality, the audio, and the target size. It also makes it easy to add titles, transitions, and music.

How to Get Started

In the menu, click File > Open, or press Ctrl+O on your keyboard.

Choose a file from your computer. If there are multiple files, click the arrow next to Choose a File.

If the video on your computer has chapters that you can see, such as chapters are indicated in the list of video, then click the Video Sequencer icon on the computer or press Ctrl+S on your keyboard. If there are videos on your computer without chapters, you will see only a thumbnail for each video. Click the icon or press Ctrl+S to open all the videos without chapters.

In the Video Sequencer, you can select a clip, part of a clip, or a whole video. You can also play the clip or video at the default speed, slow down, or speed up. You can create a looping clip or video that plays from start to finish. You can create a clip that plays automatically, a clip with fading, a clip with a video freeze effect, and a video with a screen capture. You can create a video for YouTube, DVD, DVD-R, or Blu-ray. You can also trim or rotate the clip.

Double-click the clip in the left panel to bring up the clip editing tools.

Lighten a Video

When you adjust the image quality, you are adjusting the resolution. Higher resolution means more details, which may result in a higher file size. For example, the small resolution on a YouTube video would be 720p, the maximum resolution, and when the resolution is set to 1080p, the image quality is higher and the file size is smaller.

If your

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Selecting on a list of List of Geometries from PostGIS with Pig

I have a PostGIS table which has the following structure:
CREATE TABLE geometries (
geometry geometry not null,
primary key (geometry)

In this table I have a list of Geometries, e.g. a list of tuples where the first element of the tuple contains the id of the geometry and the second element contains the coordinates.
e.g. [(‘200001’, (‘100′, ’50’), (‘200002’, (‘300′, ’50’), (‘30001’, (‘-20’, ‘-50’)]) …
Is it possible to do something like this?
START id = ‘200001’;
WHERE ST_CONTAINS(geometries.geometry, id)

I know that the coordinates are not indexable, but this is a simplified example where the coordinates and id are sufficient.


You can put the id in a PARALLEL LIST and process them with a UDF.
First, create a table with a sequential ID and Geometries:
CREATE TABLE geometries (
geometries geometry NOT NULL,
geometries_id SMALLINT GENERATED ALWAYS AS (geometries_id+1) VIRTUAL,
PRIMARY KEY (geometries_id)

And populate it with some test data:
— Fill the table
INSERT INTO geometries(geometries) VALUES
(‘LINESTRING (100 50, 100 150, 100 200)’);
INSERT INTO geometries(geometries) VALUES
(‘POLYGON ((100 50, 120 50, 120 150, 100 150, 100 50))’);
INSERT INTO geometries(geometries) VALUES
(‘POLYGON ((100 150, 100 220, 100 200, 100 170, 100 150))’);
INSERT INTO geometries(geometries) VALUES
(‘POINT (100 50)’);
INSERT INTO geometries(geometries) VALUES
(‘LINESTRING (100 100, 100 200, 100 300)’);

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)?


ZooKeeper returns -1 if not running

I’m using ZooKeeper to synchronize the data between nodes in the network.
I have a Node which is not working for some reason, I find out by the value that the method gets for the zkConnected() returning -1.
When running the Zookeeper client I can see the nodes however.
My code is like this:
ZooKeeper zk = new ZooKeeper(“localhost”, clientPort, timeoutInSeconds,

String parent = “/node_dir”;

zk.create(“node_dir/node_name”, parent, “/node_dir/node_name”, new byte[0],
new Watcher[] {new ZooKeeperServerWatcher(zk)});

When running I see the value -1 for the zkConnected() but the nodes are still there.
I’ve tried different values for the timeoutInSeconds and have also tried to enter the nodes manually. But I can not get this to work.
The nodes are running and I’m connected in the client.


ZooKeeper does not really stop its operation.
According to the client source code, if the timeoutInSeconds exceeds the current heartbeat interval, the client will fall back to a stream query instead of checking if the last connection was successful or not.
If you want to prevent your nodes from falling back to a stream query, you should set the heartbeat interval to zero:
zk.setConnectionTimeout(0, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);

The latest release already takes that into account:
zk.setConnectionTimeout(connectDelay, heartbeatDelay,


Flash Builder 4: Flash Pro 5 trial expires

I have just installed Flash Builder 4 in order to try out AS3. Now I don’t have an ACADON client, nor Adobe desktop, or flash pro 5 to continue to use them. When I use flash pro 5 trial, it is automatically upgrading my client to its full version

System Requirements:

PS Vita
Xbox One
Connectivity is not necessary to play the game, and you can play offline with a friend and even over the internet using local multiplayer.
For a networked multiplayer session, you will need to have an internet connection.
You need at least Android 4.3 and PS Vita 3.30 or higher, or Windows 8 and above, to play Crossstone multiplayer.
You need at least Android 4.3 and PS Vita 3.30 or higher, or Windows

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