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That’s because when you select an input stream that is longer than 8192 bytes, the underlying JVM will read that stream up to 8192 bytes at a time (and then throw it away if it encounters any bytes that are not ascii), so you will only get the first 8192 bytes of the compressed stream and the rest will never be decompressed.
From Java:

The compressed stream must be at least 8K long, but may be longer. The maximum stream size is 2^31-1 bytes, or roughly 2 GB (256 MB).

If you don’t specify a larger buffer, Java will just read as much data as it can from the file and throw it away.

1. Field of the Invention
The invention relates to metal matrix composite parts, and in particular to a metal matrix composite bearing assembly.
2. Description of Related Art
A bearing assembly generally comprises an inner race with an inner surface, an outer race with an outer surface, and bearing balls interposed between the inner and outer surfaces, which may be rotating and static or fixed, and which are often composed of a polymer matrix reinforced with particulate ceramic or carbon fibers. A bearing assembly can be loaded by a load exerted by a piston, for example. The piston may be reciprocated within a cylinder bore, or may be fixed in position relative to the cylinder.
It is generally a goal of a bearing designer to achieve high load capacity and high operating efficiency at low coefficient of friction. High load capacity is generally accomplished by applying large forces to the bearing races and the balls. Low friction is generally accomplished by reducing inter-part friction between the bearing parts. For example, to reduce inter-part friction, an axial load may be applied to one of the bearing races, so as to force the bearing balls into contact with the surface of the other bearing race. The bearing balls may then bear on the radially-outer surface of the other bearing race. However, the bearing balls may contact the radially-outer bearing race at only one point, which may make it difficult to apply enough load to the bearing balls to achieve high load capacity.
It is therefore desirable to increase the contact areas between the bearing balls and the outer surface of the radially-outer bearing race, so as to provide more bearing areas for the bearing balls. As a result of bearing increased contact areas, the friction between the bearing parts can be decreased, and the load capacity of the bearing assembly may

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I would suggest to turn off the wireless internet connection on your router, and see if you can still access the router’s configuration page. This will be a temporary solution, but it’s usually enough to allow you to find the problem.

Phil Dobmeyer is a true hero. After reading about his struggle in the New York Times, I was inspired to write this article and request an interview with Phil in hopes of creating awareness about his battle with cancer.

“I’m a victim of my own ignorance.”

We first met Phil in December of 2017, he had just finished taking a trip to Sardinia, Italy.

Phil traveled across the Atlantic from his home in Washington State, Washington to visit his family in Pennsylvania.

He was among his family that were recovering from illnesses, and he was there to help them out.

Even though he was diagnosed with leukemia, he hadn’t told anyone about it.

“I thought it was too soon to let anyone know,” he said.

That was until he received a travel warning on his flight from Sardinia to the US.

The flight was supposed to last 5 hours, but he ended up flying over to New York for 16 hours.

He was sitting on the floor of a small airport waiting room, and he decided to go to the local McDonald’s to get a coffee.

“I knew that airport was dirty because I’d eaten there before,” he explained.

After ingesting the coffee, he started feeling dizzy.

He noticed his blood pressure dropping and he couldn’t feel his legs.

“I’ve been told not to drink coffee anymore,” he said.

He was transferred to the ambulance and taken to the Bellevue hospital on Roosevelt Island.

“I don’t remember anything and I woke up in a hospital with tubes in my chest.”

Phil was in hospital for 3-4 days before he was released.

He was still suffering from the side-effects of the coffee, and his mind wasn’t working at 100%.

While his family, who he thought was 2 hours away were in Pennsylvania, he wasn’t answering his phone.

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