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Ekahau Site Survey is a Wi-Fi surveying tool that can help you to find open and unencrypted wireless networks in your area. It allows you to scan networks at various levels, including detailed data including password.
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Ekahau Site Survey Pro Crack Code [Download]

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C++ function returning a class object

I am trying to call a C++ function in Python that returns a list of objects from a C++ class. I am using Boost and Cython, so the C++ code and Python code are separate (I just put them together as a.py file).
I am able to do a cdef and it works great. However, I would like to use something like a PyObjectType.
I was thinking that the type would be a class that inherits from PyObject, but that doesn’t work.
Here is a bit of the C++ code that takes data from the user and returns a list of customers:
class CustomerCustomer:
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return customer

I have also tried the following to get it to work and it still doesn’t work.
class CustomerCustomer:
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customerCustomer = CustomerCustomer()


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