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All that changed, however, when in 1990 the ACM and other
national organizations led by the Communications Workers of America (CWA)
joined the Gateway/NSN Alliance, and began to pressure the FCC to
regulate the Internet, a pressure that so far has not, and is unlikely
to, come to fruition. The federal Internet access regulations that
were actually adopted in 1997 mandate that telecommunications carriers
offer telecom service to Internet-access providers. It is not yet
clear what consequences this imprecise regulation will have. The
Telecommunications Act of 1996, which governs the telecommunications
carriers, does contain a provision that allows the FCC to prohibit
providers from including Internet access with their normal voice,
broadband and TCP/IP telephone service. This provision, it must be
noted, was enacted after the CWA-backed legislation was already
established, and the FCC does not seem to have thought about any such
prohibition. Other provisions of the 1996 Act could allow the FCC to
regulate a telecommunications carriers’ Internet service provided to a
customer, but neither the Commission nor the carriers have been
swiftly proceeding to put any such plan into effect. The
Telecommunications Act of 1996 also includes provisions that could
impose restrictions on interstate Internet traffic, but again there
seems to be no plans for bringing this provision into effect. More
information about what is currently being contemplated at the FCC can
be found in the FCC’s paper “Regulating the Future of Cable and
Telecommunications Services: Lessons from the “Open Access”

How will the Internet work in 1998? It is clear that there are
many potential models for the future of the Internet, and what is
clear in most of them is that the ISPs will provide most of the
services. The providers of switched intranet data communications
services will continue to build networks to connect their customers.
The question is not whether this will be done, but rather, how and
where? Does the ISP build a satellite-backbone network for the world
net, or


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