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Staring at a bright monitor screen late into the night is not recommended for several reasons. The lack of ambient lighting increases eye strain, and the largely white-blue light emitted by your display can disrupt sleep patterns.
LightBulb is a lightweight, open-source application that comes with an interesting solution: instead of altering your monitor’s brightness, it adjusts its gamma based on the time of day, reducing color temperature as the sun sets. The program offers several customization options, and it is a great choice for gamers thanks to its fullscreen mode.
Reduce eye strain and make it easier to fall asleep
It has been widely theorized that limiting the amount of blue light your monitor emits can make it easier to fall asleep when you finally hit the sack. While concrete scientific proof is not available, there is no question that warmer light is much easier on the eyes, especially if your room is particularly dark.
LightBulb adjusts the color temperature of the light emitted by your display, anywhere from 2500K to 6600K. You only need to enter the limits and set the transition duration, as the application performs these adjustments automatically based on the sunrise and sunset time info that is available.
Features a user-friendly design and allows you to configure several advanced parameters
By default, the sunrise and sunset times are set manually. However, you can also select a location and have the app determine the sunrise and sunset times automatically.
Gamma smoothing can also be disabled at any time if you wish to prevent the application from refreshing gamma regularly. This operation is normally performed every five seconds, and it is intended to override changes made by other software.
We found the preview function to be especially helpful, as it enables you to simulate an entire 24-hour cycle in just a few seconds, making it much easier to fine-tune your settings.
Unobtrusive app that does not disrupt your gaming sessions
LightBulb can be accessed from the system tray after installation, should you wish to customize the settings or disable its functionality for a certain amount of time. User-defined hotkeys are also available for enabling or disabling the app.
A feature that gamers should be very happy with is the optional fullscreen mode; when enabled, the app resets your monitor’s color settings to default if a fullscreen application is in the foreground. Exceptions can also be created for any other program.
There are several apps you can choose from that provide similar functionality, and we feel that LightBulb is one of the best, as it offers a balanced set of features and packs them into a small, user-friendly package. Gamers should most definitely try it out, as it allows them to reduce eye strain without negatively affecting in-game graphics quality.







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Rate the Light in Your Room
LightBulb Full Crack is a freeware desktop utility designed to help you adjust your monitor’s display brightness in the safest and most productive way possible. This freeware utility is designed for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Backlight %
Check to see how much light is coming from your display, and whether you’ll have to adjust your monitor’s brightness to see it on bright days or at night.
Light Bulb is a freeware utility designed to help you adjust your monitor’s display brightness in the safest and most productive way possible. This freeware utility is designed for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
May 29, 2010 | |
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LightBulb reduces the contrast of your monitor to a healthy level, without affecting its brightness. It currently supports monitors that use DisplayPort 1.2/1.3/1.4 outputs.

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* Adjust color temperatures smoothly based on the current time of day
* Set a color temperature limit
* Store the last used color temperature setting and set it automatically
* Option to disable the gamma refreshing based on sunset and sunrise times
* Configure a location for sunrise and sunset times
* Real-time preview and color temperature adjustment during gaming
* Target the refresh rate of your monitor for optimal performance
* Configure custom notifications (schedule, daily summary, daily archive)
* Select the color temperature of the monitor during gaming
* Customizable hotkeys for on/off
* Save your settings in a.txt file for later use
* Playback of color temperature changes in real-time while the sun rises or sets
* Option to hide the menu
* Option to disable lightbulb in fullscreen mode
* Display the monitor name in the menu
Please try the latest version!
How to install:
1. Open the included archive file and extract the folders from it to the desired directory on your computer. The application will be ready when the folder is completed.
2. Double click the Lightbulb.exe to start the installation. A window will appear; choose your installation location and click Next.
3. Choose the appropriate folder where you saved the extracted folders from the archive (eg. C:\Program Files\LightBulb) and click Next.
4. Allow the application to create a new shortcut on your desktop and then click Finish.
5. To remove the application from your computer, delete the LightBulb folder from the extracted archive (eg. C:\Program Files\LightBulb).
Size: 8.9 MB

Total Charts Lite is a simple and useful adding and plotting tool for displaying and analysing pie, bar, line, and area charts. It includes a variety of useful widgets to make statistical analysis as easy as pie-eating.
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Total Charts Lite is a simple and useful adding and plotting tool for displaying and analysing pie, bar, line, and area charts. It includes a variety of useful widgets to make statistical analysis as easy as pie-eating.
Total Charts Lite Features:
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What’s New In LightBulb?

Small and lightweight, yet capable of changing your monitor’s backlight based on the time of day.
Software Features:
• Allows you to adjust monitor backlight based on time of day
• Provides an overview of current settings
• Has a fullscreen mode
• Lets you change the device’s brightness on multi-monitors
• Can be configured using built-in hotkeys
• Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Extra Info:
The latest version can be found on GitHub for Github users, but you can also download an older version from the official website for all who don’t have access to a source-code repository.
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FileZilla is an FTP client in the style of a Windows Explorer. If you use FTP to transfer files between computers, you will find it very handy to work with. Its features include the ability to download files and upload them to remote FTP servers as well as create SFTP and FTP accounts. You can even access FTP servers via Wi-Fi connections. In addition, the application also provides a useful console window, allowing you to monitor transfers and disconnect individual files directly from the program.
FileZilla Description:
FileZilla is a free FTP client that lets you browse the contents of your FTP server, transfer files and manage FTP accounts.
Software Features:
• Browse FTP servers via Windows Explorer-like interface
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• Select file to download
• Supports ASCII and Unicode transfer modes
• Filter file list by file type or size
• Detailed transfer monitor
• View progress in real time
• Switch directories on the fly
• Transfer remote files and directories
• Create FTP accounts
• Create and manage SFTP accounts
• Supports both ASCII and Unicode transfer modes
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Extra Info:
This version is Windows only, but the team is planning to release an Android version of FileZilla in the future.
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Advanced Graphics Card benchmarking tool is a website dedicated to providing benchmark results for hardware products. Description: provides GPU and CPU benchmark results for a wide range of hardware products. Benchmarks are applied in order of relevance to the general public.
Software Features:
• GPU: 3DMark (2011, 2012, 2013)
• CPU: Blender (A), Cine

System Requirements For LightBulb:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 @ 2.40 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: HD3000 or HD4000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 10 GB available space
How to Install/Uninstall:
1. Run the DVD or ISO you downloaded.
2. Run the game.
3. Play!
4. Copy the “SteamApps/common/MadCape” folder to

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