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The Open submenu allows you to locate and open existing files. Click the Browse button to navigate to your computer’s folder and find the image file you need.

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This guide will show you how to learn and use all of the basic features of Photoshop Elements.

1. Quick Tips

Using the New Layer Panel – The most important feature in Photoshop Elements is the new Layer Panel. Click the Layer Panel icon or View > Layer Panel to open the Layer Panel. This is an equivalent to the Layers panel in Photoshop. All of the same tools and functions are available in the Layer Panel. You can click and drag tools to the palette, add new tools, and switch tools. Create and save any layer in the Layer Panel without the need for an Outline panel. You can export your image and work on one layer at a time. Use the Layer Panel for all editing tasks. You can remove, hide, or move layers in the Layer Panel.

Make sure you notice the new settings in the new Layer Panel – Filter, Fill, Gradient, Stroke, and Transparency. The Filter settings let you create a black-and-white or sepia tone effect. Use filters for enhancing dull photos and removing areas of color. You can use a Gradient, Fill, Stroke, and Transparency. The Gradient adds color and creates a soft transition from one color to another. The Fill gives the graphic an overall color; you can put a solid color on a layer, fill a shape with a solid color or pattern, or create a Gradient Fill, which is a combination of colors. You can stroke a layer with a solid color or a pattern. Use a Solid Stroke or Gradient Stroke. You can create a Transparency effect with a solid color or a Gradient Transparency.

The Settings in the New Layer Panel – You can use the Settings panel to edit properties like size, crop, and orientation. You can adjust the image size to make it any width and height. You can select any part of an image, crop away any unwanted areas. You can rotate your image 90 degrees, adjust your crop’s ratio, and adjust a document’s orientation from Landscape to Portrait or Rotation to Automatically Rotate.

The New Layer Panel has an incredible advantage: You can add or remove layers in the Layer Panel. This allows you to work on one image at a time and add, remove, or modify layers. This is the most important tool for editing your digital images.

2. Select and Move – Using the Selection Brush, or the Magic Wand tool, are great ways to select an area of an image

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Why can’t I submit a question?

I am trying to post a question and the submit button is not working.
I posted the question over on meta and suggested this question (I didn’t want to post a question on meta, but I wanted to find out why my question was not being posted)
I have a feeling it has something to do with the email address I use?
I have tried multiple email addresses and they do not work.


If you have the reputation for voting then your email address must have been registered in order for you to vote. See this question.
Only when someone approves your email address do you get the ability to post.

West African coral snake

The West African coral snake (Micrurus frontalis) is a species of venomous snake in the family Colubridae. The species is endemic to West Africa.

Geographic range
M. frontalis is found in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

M. frontalis is a small snake that grows to a total length of.

The color pattern in this species is mainly olive-grey. The iris has a red-brown streak running from the base to the pupil, and a thin red-brown bar at the outer edge.

No information is available for this species.

Not much is known about the West African coral snake’s reproduction.

See also
List of crotaline species and subspecies



Further reading
Boulenger GA. (1892). Catalogue of the Snakes in the British Museum (Natural History). Volume III., Containing the Colubridæ (Opisthoglyphæ and Proteroglyphæ)… London: Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History). (Taylor and Francis, printers). xiv + 727 pp. + Plates I-XXV. (“M. frontalis [sic]”, p. 427.)

External links

Category:Snakes of Africa
Category:Reptiles of West Africa
Category:Reptiles described in 1892{
“private”: true,
“scripts”: {
“dev”: “set NODE_ENV=development && echint –ignore-path.

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Mac OS X
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