Tenorshare UltData Mac Crack Full Version __EXCLUSIVE__

Tenorshare UltData Mac Crack Full Version __EXCLUSIVE__



Tenorshare UltData Mac Crack Full Version

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Does using PHP’s print statement to debug work in XAMPP for Windows?

I have a custom PHP service running on IIS under Windows with XAMPP. I’m logged in as the service user. I want to view phpinfo() but for some reason, it’s not returning any results.
I believe it’s because I’ve got IIS to use Windows Authentication, which means I’m actually executing the phpinfo page from a user account that isn’t the domain\username I’m working on.
I was going to try using a print statement to view phpinfo but don’t want to if that’s actually going to mess anything up.
Question: will using a print statement to view phpinfo() cause any problems? Is there a better way?


You can use print_r for debugging purposes, or a normal phpinfo page.


How do I get the file system path for a Java program?

I am very new to Java and need to get the file path for a Java program. I have searched and done a lot of web surfing without any luck! Can someone help me with this?
I am working in Eclipse


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