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A 5-chapter action-platformer combining puzzle platforming, paint, and beats-based gameplay.
Discover the story of a family in crisis through the lens of a colorful narrative.
Interactive environment design, hand-drawn graphics, and customizable gameplay mechanics to create a unique gameplay experience.
Classics’ mechanics, such as the ability to jump, race, and hide.
Puzzle Platforming
Explore an expansive board design that is a snapshot of our very own apartment.
Replay Value:
The game’s unique format offers a steady flow of entertaining content for you to enjoy.
Note: The game may display ads and contain in-game purchases.
Key Features:
Unlocking all levels in one playthrough
Level design that allows a player to progress through the game’s narrative
Music and sound design by Justin Monjo
Storyline by designer Hal Lanier, and Coda Studios
Game design by Garret Walters
Full Playable Cast
40 Characters to Characterize
10 Orcs
8 Elves
5 Humans
First Person Narrative
Dev audio, a personal mix, and game design by Justin Monjo
About the Development Team
Hal Lanier (Founder, Writer, Character Design, Art)
Justin Monjo (Lead Designer, Art, Music)
Phil Piccini (Art, 3D Modeler, Layout Design)
David Scavo (Music, Sound Design, Sound Engine)
Ben Combs (Narrator)
Kelsey Starkey (Lead Producer)


Around the World in 80 Days

What is it?
Around the World in 80 Days is a game whose goal is to get as many people as possible to spend $25 on the game and watch a film in six months.
Why should you give it a shot?
The game is running a Kickstarter campaign to get people to pledge their attention to the cause of new movies, whose return on investment is kind of low for companies and would improve if more people watched them. They provide stats on a majority of the top 100 films the last year to show their potential audiences, and the game takes from them to put it into a simple system for you to decide whether or not you like a film.
Why is it on this list?
Over one million people have already pledged $25 to watch a movie and it’s all going to help raise funds for the campaign


Features Key:

  • 45+ objects to build fully friendly cities.
  • Free time arena! Takes place even outside of game time!
  • Multiple players on one IP based server.
  • 6×6 tiles. Those are worth a thing to anyone who likes geo games!
  • Three difficulties to start playing: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • 6,100+ Achievements.
  • An online events calendar.
  • 3 different game modes with each 3 game rules to choose from.
  • Crazy AI!
  • Has an optional autosave while game is ongoing.
  • Online rankings on sites like OGAIN and IGDB.
  • Can be saved multiple times.


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Red Adventure is a platformer about a young woman who has come to a strange country, where she encounters all kinds of colourful creatures in a unique world. Players will get through the levels solving puzzles and exploring the environment, while gathering the necessary items to pass different levels.
The girl has no special abilities, but she has a bow and a sword, and she can use them to solve various puzzles. She can also investigate many objects. Unlike other titles, the player can not take the usual path through the levels. In one of the levels, he will have to rotate the entire world, and it’s up to the player to find a way through the whole map.
The stylistic approach to the game was inspired by retro style visuals and classic artistic experience. The game contains 27 levels that span the area of 1000 m x 1000 m.
The main game mechanics are divided into three key elements:
– Puzzles and exploration – The player should find a way to pass through the level and solve the puzzles;
– The environment – The player should find items to destroy objects and solve problems;
– Combat – The player must fight against not only the dangerous enemies, but also many strange and weird creatures. In combat the player must use various objects, such as a torch and rope.
Key features:
– Exploration – Solve puzzles and explore the world. New features are added in each level.
– Bonus Levels – Explore levels with unique features that were inaccessible in the main game.
– Enemies – Meet dangerous creatures and the boss.
– Level Design – The levels have been designed with special attention and a lot of attention was paid to the level design and sound of the game.
– Difficulty – The game can be very difficult, so the player should not hesitate to use the recommended modes (hard and super hard).
– Amiibo integration – Special features in the game are unlocked by scanning the Amiibo figure (joy-con in the game).
– Achievements – The game contains a number of achievements.
– Stylistic design – The game is based on retro style graphics and sounds.
– Simple controls – The controls are easy to use and easy to control.When producing hydride or hydrogen gas by reversible water-gas reaction, a solid hydride or reactant, such as nickel, palladium or platinum-based metal, is dissolved in a reaction medium, such as water, and is reacted with water vapor or hydrogen gas to allow the metal to be reduced to form


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– ChibiArt Style:

CHiBI System:

The awesome battle arena game called Shadow Fight 2 is now available on Google Play Store. The app is now allowing multi-player matches to take place in local Wi-Fi settings.
This is a special episode of iPlayApp which will attempt to cover the Shadow Fight 2 game all by itself.

This is a little game I made in Unity 3D for iOS. I created it for this month’s contest and was hoping to get it up on Game Jolt some day, but that has not happened yet.
Have fun, and try to beat the game.

Get ready for the most addicting game of skill and strategy! In Shadow Fight 2, you will have a choice between six distinct characters each of them with their own unique gameplay and characteristics. The original title that we all love has been re-imagined in the highest quality graphics and you are now your hero against the evil villains who want to take over the town. Enter a world full of danger and decide your fate to fight for what you believe in.

The Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel of the hit game that left a remarkable impression on the audience and people of the world. The game features new characters with its own challenges to face, the most advanced features and mechanics.

Take a sneak peek and test the beta version of the game at! You can now get a special beta version for play around the world.

We are happy to announce that next Tuesday, August 20th, the developers will launch a new global Beta version on both Google Play and App Store, ready for a select group of players to test it before its full release on the following day, on August 21st.

A 90-minute sneak peak for the game is also scheduled for Saturday, August 17th at 2 PM Pacific Time, 5 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central, and 7 PM GMT at It is expected that those who attend the event will be able to witness an exclusive first-hand view of the game before its release on the next week.

Previously, the game’s


What’s new:

    The Fallen Aces were a French air organization formed in March 1943 to replace the Armistice Aces. It was also the anti-Soviet air force allied with the Western allies in the war against Germany.

    De Gaulle, head of the Free French Government, expected to set up a state, modeled on British Commonwealth dominions, following the Allied victory in Europe. It was his aim to create a French state that would have an independent air arm, like that of the British Royal Air Force.

    The Allies invaded the French overseas departments of French Indochina and French North Africa. The French 77th Infantry Division surrendered at Cagnes-sur-Mer on 13 September 1942. On 15 September at Vaucluse, the Free French 95th Infantry Division held out for a day and at midnight the counterattack led by the Division’s 759th Regiment captured the town and divided the defenders into confused units.

    The Tang Biram peace treaty concluded 14 September between France, the Free French and Japanese Empire, was signed on 27 September at Cairo. In the Truong Son Peninsula on 18 October Free French units led by General Jean Lattre de Tassigny and General Henri Giraud, whose Free French advanced from Dong Dau-Duat northwards, captured Hanoi. This action placed the two main regional French leaders, marshal Jean Simon and prince Charles Alphonse to the Free French, however, on the Tho River de Tuyen Hoa and in neighbouring Son La they accepted the Japanese pact with France on 30 October, placing it, and its French garrison, under Japanese command. On 12 November, Marshal Pierre Koenig’s Free French laid siege to Mongkol to cut off the Luong Son and Viet Minh colonies. On the French side, 11,000 colonial troops surrendered some 3,800 prisoners, two tanks and three machine guns.

    In French Indochina, the French 78th Infantry Division and French 19th Colonial Infantry Division in Thai Binh were overrun in Operation Drôle de Bateaux, a diversionary operation in Operation Jacques by the Vietminh supported by French paratroops. Another French force was surrounded and captured in the Siege of Port Lyautey in French Morocco. The garrison surrendered after 14 battles.

    These victories decided the fate of de Gaulle’s strategy. De Gaulle negotiated and signed a massive armistice with Marshal Joseph Stalin on 26 September 1942 at the Soviet Union’s embassy in


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    Le Paradis (“The Paradise”) is a video game where you play as Silas, an ordinary 22-year-old man with a strong desire to explore and discover. He is best friends with his sister Asteria and is a high school student in the magic academy. He becomes interested in Melody, an attractive professor of the magic academy who is a lot older than him. Although Silas is unaware of it, Melody has the gift of persuasion and she soon catches his interest. She gently taunts him to confess his feelings, but he turns the tables on her. He manages to avoid falling victim to her magic, and becomes suspicious of how Melody hides dark secrets about herself.
    Everything changes when he’s thrown in prison, following a series of events where he has accidentally killed a man who had done nothing but talk back to him. This leads him to learn about an even darker secret behind Melody’s persona, one that could destroy his entire life and that of those around him.

    Select your style:

    Reminisce with an ultra-realistic visualization of the past.
    Your memories should be preserved as meticulously as possible. The game organizes the time of your memories, removes contradictions, and leaves only the best moments from your life.
    If this game really brought back the best moments of your life, record them in the Archive!

    “I can’t wait to use you as a benchmark for my work as a poet.”

    Oliver is a 27-year-old poet and son of a famous professor. He lives with his parents, sister and friends in his hometown. The problem is that he is a lazy and irrational person. He hates doing even the simplest tasks, and leaves the house only to get a drink, go for a walk or even just stay in bed. The only time he does all of those things is on a friend’s request, because he must show them how a real adult lives. His aim is to show them what a complete failure he really is.
    • Beautiful graphics
    • The narrative is as funny as it is realistic
    • Around 100 choices of words to compose a poem
    • Innovative way to enter the world of poetry
    About This Game:
    People think that poetry is something glamorous and creative, something that only a handful of people can do. But who told them that poetry is like a sack full of dirty laundry? It looks beautiful on the outside but, when you open it, you’ll be full of washing


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Install Trainz 2019 DLC: DIC-Reefer (Mechanical Refrigerator)

After the installation is completed, you need to do the following steps to complete the installation of the game.

  • Go To settings>add-ons

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If the application does not work properly after installing the add-on follow these steps to fix the problem:

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